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1. Robust FTP & Download Manager
2. Robust Internet Speed Booster

Robust FTP and Download Manager

Robust FTP is a Windows-based file transfer client application that transfers files between a user’s local PC and another, remote computer system connected via a modem and telephone lines or by a local-area network (With upload transfer resume and download transfer resume).

With Robust FTP, users can connect to any remote system that has a valid Internet address and an FTP server program, browse through directories and files, and transfer files or complete directories (including sub-directories) between the two systems. In addition, users can create, change, and remove directories and view, execute, rename, or delete files.

Robust Download Manager
plugs into your web browser (any version of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher) and extends your file-downloading power by resuming broken downloads and offering easy error recovery for both ftp and http links.

With Robust Download Manager you can segment the large files into smaller segments to accelerate the downloading process. If a download stops for any reason, you can easily resume it, Reconnect if there is any link error and more options that make downloading files more easier and flexible

Screen Shots

1. FTP

2. Download Manager

System Requirements

  Supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP-all.
  Robust FTP&DM complies with the Windows sockets (Winsock) standard, allowing you to transfer files between a wide variety of systems, including Windows, OS/2, and UNIX systems.

Key Features:

1. FTP

Drag and Drop Files and / or Folders or combinations, between Local and Remote Directories.
Resume downloads and Resume Uploads of files.
Resume Downloading
Robust FTP can resume downloading of incomplete files. This works with all FTP sites that support this feature.
Resume Uploading
When transfer is broken during an upload, users may reconnect and resume at the point the transfer was broken. This feature is site dependent and is not supported by all servers.
Directory Upload and Download
Robust FTP allows you to upload and download entire directory tree structures to and from the remote server. This feature makes the mirroring of Web sites easier.
Global Filter Masks
You can produce filtered listings (useful when trying to get a small piece of a large directory) by typing in a file extension or wildcard. You can filter results in local and/or remote panes with wild cards and filter file transfers recursively as well.
Right-Click Change File Attributes (CHMOD)
Brings up a graphical user interface for easy modification of file attributes.
"Firewall/Proxy" options settings.
Increased directory listing "speed" where some directories are VERY large.
Filtering options for uploads, downloads, sync folders, and server to server transfers.
Send the QUIT command when disconnecting.
Filtering support for Synchronize Folders sub directories.
The ability to sort by columns
"Resume All" option in overwrite confirmation dialog so that Resume can be applied to all files when overwriting.
"Skip All" option in overwrite confirmation dialog so that Skip can be applied to all files when overwriting.
"Overwrite All" option in overwrite confirmation dialog so that Overwrite can be applied to all files when overwriting.
"Cancel All" option in overwrite confirmation dialog so that Cancel can be applied to all files when overwriting.
By default Synchronize Folders starts in the selected local folder.
The ability to send any manual FTP command and view the response. This option is available from the Remote menu.
"Reconnect" to reconnect to the last connected site before a disconnect.
The "File Exists" warning dialog provides more information about the source and destination files. It now shows the date, time, and file size of both files. The dialog is patterned after the Windows 2000 over write confirmation dialog.
Web Registration
Selecting Manual Registration includes a link to Robust FTP's Web page for online registration through a Web browser.
Keyboard shortcuts to pop-up menus.
Support for UserID = user@site proxy server password and user ID.
Support for "CheckPoint" proxy server/firewalls.
Support for "long file names" on Novell FTP servers.

2. Download Manager

  Site Downloader to download a site and links it have.
  Schedule downloading, pause, or resume it.
  A Proxy server settings for users who are behind a security Firewall.
  Monitor Clipboard for URL’s to downoad.
  Limit the downloaded files up to XX files at the same time from a specific HTTP server.
  Automatically can do Segmented (Accelerated) Downloading and download different pieces at the same time. This can dramatically improve the speed of the download.